Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment

This two (2) hour workshop will provide workers with the general principles of a safe office layout and workstation. Participants will learn to identify ergonomic hazards and conduct a risk assessment.

This course will provide participants with:

  • The skills to identify hazards and perform ergonomic risk assessments.
  • An understanding of accident causation and prevention.
  • Strategies to prevent workplace injury through ergonomic adjustments to the workplace and workstations.
  • An understanding of the anatomy of the human body, posture and movements.
  • Practical exercises for stretch and move breaks.

All our trainers are qualified and experienced WHS Consultants who have worked across many industry sectors. As such, they will call on examples of both the right way and wrong way to perform the required skills in a non-threatening or judgemental way.

Our trainers use relevant case studies to bring both a problem-oriented and solution-oriented way of thinking to workplace training, and assists in relating theory into the workplace.

This course can be customised and tailored by experienced and qualified facilitators to suit your organisational needs. On-site delivery (maximum 20 participants). Price on application. Discounts apply to Safety Partnership Program members.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.