Keeping your workplace culture afloat during COVID19 – 1hr virtual masterclass

Keeping your workplace culture afloat during COVID19 – 1hr virtual masterclass

This two (1) hour virtual masterclass is delivered by Karen Maher who is a former WHS and employment lawyer and one of Australia’s leading WHS & Culture consultant and keynote speaker.

As the world continues to navigate COVID-19, it has placed many Australian workplaces into ‘survival mode’. Consequently, vital elements of positive workplace cultures and psychological safety are falling by the wayside, with the negative impacts on mental health are already starting to show. The prediction is the deterioration of mental health during and post-COVID will be a new global pandemic in itself. So what are we all doing to prevent this from happening?

Great focused leadership is crucial right now and will be a determining factor on how organisations get to the other side. We have teamed up with one of Australia’s leading WHS and Culture consultants and speakers, Karen Maher, to help your leaders through this crisis and get your organisation’s positive workplace cultures back on track.

Karen is a former WHS and employment lawyer and has been consulting and training in this area for over 10 years. She has worked with organisations through SARS, the global financial crisis and following serious incidents such as workplace fatalities and bullying and harassment incidents, so she understands the importance of great leadership and being as proactive as possible at times like these to minimise harm to your organisation and people.

During this masterclass, Karen will inspire your leaders to get re-focused on the essentials of a positive and safe workplace culture. In this Masterclass, your leaders will learn:

  • The 5 key areas great leaders are focusing on right now to keep their workplace cultures safe and afloat.
  • The 5 ‘culture killers’ to watch out for that are causing irreversible damage to workplace cultures and the psychological safety of workers.
  • How leaders can be truly proactive to minimise the increase of workplace bullying and harassment and other mental health concerns.

This 1 hour (+Q&A) Masterclass is a great option for a Leaders ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions or 1-hour ‘get back on track’ course. This Masterclass is facilitated live by Karen via Zoom conferencing to boardrooms or remote-working locations right across Australia and New Zealand.

Discounts apply to Safety Partnership Program members.

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