Mental Health at Work 2hr video conference

Mental Health at Work 2 hr video conference

This two (2) hour video conference is delivered by David Westgate who is a keynote speaker for the Black Dog Institute.

David is a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor and his expertise in mental health in the workplace has led to interviews with the Australian Financial Review and appearances on the SBS show Insight.

Mental Health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia especially at times when factors outside of the workers control, increase anxiety and depression.

This course provides general awareness of mental health issues that can affect all workers specifically those working at home or remotely.

The course will identify the factors that can affect mental health at work, typical symptoms and support options.

This course will provide participants with:

    • An understanding of the factors that can impact on mental health at work.
    • An understanding of how stress can impact on your overall health.
    • Understanding the importance of human interaction.
    • The importance of setting time limits, boundaries and work routines.
    • The importance of holding yourself accountable.
    • How physical activity can benefit your mental health.
    • Practical strategies to improve mental health when working from home.
    • Where to seek assistance if needed.

This course is delivered via video conferencing up to a maximum of 20 work colleagues.

Discounts apply to Safety Partnership Program members.

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