Occupational Violence & Aggression Training

Occupational Violence & Aggression Training

In volatile settings, where stress levels can run high, training in managing Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) is not just beneficial—it is essential.

Designed and delivered by a former NSW Inspector of Police, you will gain valuable insight and knowledge. This course has been designed for people in public facing roles, in industries such as Healthcare, Social Assistance, Security and Hospitality and aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to handle situations of occupational violence and aggression effectively and safely.

This unique training program is based on the SAFE (Strategic, Approach, Fearless, Environment) framework, which introduces a unique OVA Tactical Response Model that aligns with Australian Standards: Planning for emergencies – Health care facilities (AS Standard No 4083:2010).

Module 1: Demonstrate Enhanced Situational Awareness (Vigilance 360):

  • Learn how to identify and assess potential risks in your environment.
  • Learn how to develop the ability to pre-emptively recognise and respond effectively to signs of potential violence or aggression.

Module 2: Apply Effective De-Escalation Skills (Calm The Storm):

  • Learn about advanced communication techniques and body language skills.
  • Learn how to maintain composure and empathy in aggressive situations.

Module 3: Utilise Practical Defence and Safety Strategies (SafeGuard Tactics):

  • Learn about non-aggressive physical maneuvers and safety positioning.
  • Learn how to focus on personal protection while minimising harm to others.

Module 4: Master Comprehensive Incident Reporting Skills (Report and Record):

  • Learn how to document and report incidents of occupational violence and aggression accurately.
  • Learn about the legal and ethical standards in incident reporting.

This course is delivered by a former NSW Inspector of Police, who holds a master’s degree in human resource management and dispute resolution, as well as a diploma in workplace health and safety and government investigations. This unique expertise provides you with unparalleled knowledge and insights within the field.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of this course.