Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues are becoming increasingly common in Australia. This 90 minute Self Paced eLearning course is designed to encourage awareness of mental health issues and how best to respond in guiding people to professional support. 

This course is designed to increase awareness of mental health issues and help to reduce the stigma in your workplace.

Considered essential training for all employees in the modern workplace, this course educates you on identifying symptoms, the triggers and how to best direct people to qualified support networks. This course will provide participants with:

  • The key components of Mental Wellbeing.
  • Causes and effects of Stress.
  • Ways to cope with Stress and how to offer support to others.
  • How to recognise Anxiety, Panic Attacks and other common anxiety disorders.
  • Ways to manage Anxiety.
  • How to recognise the warning signs of Depression and how to guide people to support.

Developed as a two part course in conjunction with Learning Curve (UK) and Jonathan Lincolne (Clinical Psychologist).