WHS / OHS Due Diligence for Officers & Senior Managers

Workplace Health & Safety Due Diligence (Officers)

Senior Managers and Officers have a responsibility to understand the nature and operations of the business and to keep up to date with WHS matters including hazards and risks in the workplace. This now includes psychosocial hazards as of April 2023.

This half (1/2) day course is aimed at people who have accountability for Health & Safety within the workplace. The course covers legislative responsibilities and how to effectively exercise a positive duty of care to ensure the safety of workers and others.

Learning outcomes of this course include:

  • What is due diligence and how do you apply this in the workplace.
  • Understand key elements of relevant safety legislation including Risk management, Consultation and Incident notification.
  • Identify Psychosocial Hazards.
  • Develop Due Diligence activities relevant to your place of work.
  • The importance and value of positive safety performance indicators.
  • Understand the role of WHS Regulators and what happens when an inspector visits.
  • Understand the difference in penalty categories for corporations and individuals.
  • Understand the importance of leadership responsibility and be able to influence a strong safety culture.

All our trainers are qualified and experienced Consultants who have worked across many industry sectors.

While incorporating some of your organisational policy and procedures relevant to the topic is included, you can request additional customisation for a more bespoke experience. 

Our experienced and qualified facilitators will work closely with you to tailor your training to suit your organisational needs, workplace and the participants (additional fee applies).

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of this course.