Office Workstation Ergonomics

Office Workstation Ergonomics

This 25 minute Self Paced Office Workstation Ergonomics eLearning course will provide workers with the general principles of a safe office layout and workstation. Participants will learn to identify ergonomic hazards and conduct a risk assessment.

This course is designed to teach employees how to correctly set up their workstation so that it fits their individual needs and will provide participants with:

  • Why correct workplace ergonomics are important for their health.
  • How to correctly set up a workstation, desk, chair and computer.
  • Why proper lighting is important.
  • How to rearrange the workplace to minimise noise.
  • The importance of taking regular breaks and exercises.

The course is suitable for organisation-wide delivery for employees and employers and outlines how to correctly arrange work desks, chairs, computers, and keyboards so that they comply with good ergonomics, and covers general workplace layouts and behaviours.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of this course.